Sunday, September 19, 2010

Janique Goff Advocates Solar Energy: Realizing and Utilizing the Sun’s Power

One of Janique Goff’s many advocated causes is the use of alternative energy sources, one of them being solar power. In this electricity-dependent world, it takes a great deal of the planet’s natural resources to produce energy needed to sustain life. As these resources dwindle, experts have been looking for alternative sources of energy.

Solar Energy is simply defined as utilizing the natural light and heat from the sun to create electricity. By concentrating the sunlight through solar panels and solar troughs, the energy produced can be converted to electricity that can power appliances and even office or home spaces. Though still considered a relatively new innovation, solar energy’s origins go all the way back to Syracuse in 1866 with the first solar-powered steam engine powered by the first solar trough.

Janique Goff’s reasons for encouraging the use of solar energy is that in spite of what seems to be an initially high price for system installment (pricing goes at around $10,000), the long term benefits have been well-documented and more than evident. Goff believes that there is no better way to conserve energy than by making one’s own. A 1-kilowatt solar energy-powered house actually saves 70 lbs. of coal, 300 lbs of CO2 from being sent into the atmosphere, and 105 gallons of water each month.

In one hour, the sun gives more energy than what is used by the entire population in one year. The world is poised to take advantage of all this solar energy as systems have become so sophisticated that they can run a whole household 24/7. As Goff fervently believes, with the sun providing all the energy that the global population needs without having to consume more resources from the earth itself, it is high time to start going green and use this alternative energy for everyday life.

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