Monday, January 30, 2012

Made more fun: Janique Goff reviews a container farming initiative in the Philippines

The worldwide efforts to protect the environment can lead to a surprising amount of innovative ideas. For Janique Goff, one very bright idea that hits two birds with one stone has been initiated by Filipino scientists who spearheaded a program that encourages city dwellers to grow vegetables in container gardens.

From Janique Goff

In 2000, scientists from the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) in the city of Munoz offered a simple but brilliant solution: urban container farming. They are currently proposing a program that would encourage city dwellers in the Philippines to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables in planters made from recycled materials. They have prepared a 658 hectare pilot “farm” containing planters made from reused tires, old wash basins, cans, and the like. To date, similar projects have begun elsewhere in Munoz and the rest of the Philippine province of Nueva Ecija.

From Janique Goff

For environmentalists like Janique Goff, there are advantages of growing food within one’s own home. It decreases the need to transport food from faraway places, creating a smaller carbon footprint in return. This also benefits the average city dweller by providing healthy food options while helping to stretch the family budget. The CLSU scientists themselves have stressed the importance of using organic fertilizer and reused containers in urban container gardens.

From December 27, 2011

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