Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dining green: Janique Goff on eating from fallen leaves

It’s Christmas month and different dinners are on schedule. Janique Goff, business development manager and environmentalist, says it could be time to try something new—something green—like eating from a plate made from fallen leaves.

Janique Goff Photo Credit: Verterra.com

Dinnerware is made from almost anything sturdy and safe enough to hold food: plastic, ceramics, wood, steel, rock, and even paper. But the current concern over the welfare of the Earth is making people reconsider the use of these materials. Some issues involve the non-biodegradable nature of plastic and the energy used to recycle materials like paper and steel. People are now made to look at other options that are not only cheap but safe for Mother Earth as well.

Janique Goff Photo Credit: Phoenixbrideandgroom.com

Enter VerTerra dinnerware which comes as organic as it can be. Janique Goff applauds the ingenuity of the product and its potential as a good substitute for many of today’s less eco-friendly dinnerware. It is made from fallen leaves from India, and is guaranteed biodegradable. The time it takes for the piece to decompose is around two months via natural processes and without the aid of any synthetic chemicals. It is proven to help improve plant growth so it is an ideal addition to compost pits.

Janique Goff Photo Credit: Ecosalon.com

VerTerra is made using only leaves, heat, steam, and pressure. Looking greener for being presentable and reusable, it does not use any adhesives so it is guaranteed safe for eating. It is also safe to place the product inside ovens and microwaves.

More information and insight from Janique Goff can be found at her MySpace page.