Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gold from ivory: Stop the crime

Image source: British Campaign Furniture

 Markets for ivory, legal or underground, abound. Many people buy and sell ivory for its beautiful qualities. Unfortunately, only a few actually know where this material comes from. The best ivory in the world cannot be produced by man; it can only be brought to the earth by Mother Nature, specifically by elephants.

Image source: African Wildlife Foundation
 Many organizations, like the World Wildlife Organization (WWF), constantly battle against abuse on nature, specifically on wildlife. Many entrepreneurs and environmentalists, like Janique Goff and Doug and Kris Tompkins, also help in the cause. However, this is not where it ends.

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This article by Dekila Chungyalpa of WWF speaks of four Buddhist teachers from Thailand who are preaching against ivory trade and calling the attention of the Thai government to shut down this kind of business. To see this practice truly and totally abolished means that there is a need to bring the fight to the people. To borrow the words of the mentioned article, the success of this endeavor relies on giving back “the reins of conservation to local champions.” It is only when the people have clearly understood what is wrong and eventually act upon a solution to solve the problem will the crisis be truly averted.

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